Sunday 5:00PM              Thursday 6:30PM

         Jan 13th                                                  Jan 24th    

            Feb 10th                                                      Feb 28th                                          

Sunday 5:00PM               Thursday 6:30PM

​          Jan 14th                                        Jan 25th

​          Feb 11th                                        Feb 22nd

​          Mar 11th                                        Mar 22nd

​          Apr 8th                                          Apr 26th

​          May 27th Cancelled                                  May 24th

​          June 10th                                    June 28th

​          July 8th                                        July 26th

​          Aug 12th                                     Aug 23rd Cancelled

​          Sept 9th                                       Sept 27th

​          Oct 14th                                        Oct 25th

​          Nov 11th                                      Nov 22nd Cancelled

​          Dec 9th                                        Dec 27th Cancelled

This Match is open to everyone.

Matches are held the 2nd Sunday, and the 4th Thursday of every month !

Match Fees are only $15.00

Feel free to retrieve your brass.

The first match you do not need a range membership. To become a regular shooter a range membership will be necessary. They are only $25.00 a year, and you get a discount when you rent a lane. 

New IDPA shooters, Lady shooters, and youth shooters are welcome.

The next Match: 
See you Thursday Feb 28th 2019 at 6:00pm

If your new to IDPA, please be here by 5:30pm for a brief orientation.

Match Fees only $15.00


Match Dates and Scores


Sunday 5:00PM               Thursday 6:30PM

                 Jan 8th                                                   Jan 26th

             Feb 12th                                        Feb 23rd

             Mar 12th                                        Mar 23rd

             Apr 9th                                           Apr 27th

             May 14th Cancelled                       May 25th

             June 11th                                      June 22nd

            July 9th                                          July 27th

             Aug 13th                                        Aug 24th

             Sept 10th                                       Sept 28th

             Oct 8th                             Oct 28th Cancelled

             Nov 12th                                      Nov 16th New Date

             Dec 10th                                        Dec 28th

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