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Treasure Chest Guns IDPA



Our Mission is to provide a safe and fair competition for people to improve their Pistol skills.

 Treasure Chest Gun Shop has provided us with a great venue to have monthly competitions. There are several Certified Safety Officers at every Match to ensure the environment is safe for both competitors and by standers.

Pistols are divided into 6 divisions and competitors are divided into 6 skill levels, so only similar pistols and skill levels are competing against each other. You can enjoy the local matches, or step up to the regional, state, and national  matches. Some of the best Major Matches in the country are right here in the mid west.The Missouri State Match in St Louis is second to none, and the Badlands Regional in Tulsa is always top notch. The US National Championships will be about as close as it will ever be this year in Cresson Tx. in Sept. 

   All IDPA competitors shoot the same classifier. This allows you to see where your skill levels truly are, compared to others all over the world. Junior shooters from 12 yrs and older can compete in major matches. It brings a smile to every ones face when some ones son or daughter beats Mom or Dad. At some of the venues to the right ,there are several Night Shoots in the summer. They are well ran and provide a great opportunity to try something out of the ordinary. Shooting at night gives you a real world look at your equipment. What works in a dark environment and what doesn't. It is a great experience. Check out the video to the right. There is a lot of info about IDPA. The venue is the Carolina Cup.


Competition pistol match