Next match is Thursday April 25th at 6:30pm!!!

If your new to IDPA please be here by 6:00pm for a brief orientation.

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great people

shooting is a social Event

All you need to begin shooting IDPA is a Pistol, strong side holster, and at least 2 magazines.

 People that shoot IDPA are some of the most accepting folks you will ever meet. We do not expect you to know all the rules at your first match. Just come out and get acquainted with the great sport of Competition Pistol. We have an orientation for new IDPA competitors at every Match. If you are new to the sport, please be here 30 minutes early. Shoulder, and cross draw, holsters present a safety concern so are not allowed. You will need at least 2 mags, 3 would be better. If you're shooting a revolver,  you will need 4 speed loaders or moon clips. Law enforcement officers are welcome to shoot your duty gear.


  People who shoot IDPA come from all backgrounds and enjoy the diverse community that forms at these events.

Many of the folks you'll meet, you'll see at other Matches you attend. The state Match is staffed by the same people you shoot with all the time. People from all over The Great State Kansas.

Matches are the 2nd Sun and 4th Thursday of every Month.

 IDPA is the World Wide governing body of  a pistol sport based on concealed carry. Pistols are placed in 6 divisions.  Shooters are placed into 6 classifications. Only similar

pistols and skill levels compete against each other. We shoot 4-6 stages a night, about 100 rounds should get you through. There are about 22,000 IDPA competitors in 50 countries. All IDPA members shoot the same classifier. This allows you to see where your skill levels are, compared to those all over the world.

getting started

pistols, holsters, and shooting on the move

 For info Contact:

 Roger Bahre  

Match Director and SOI


PistolShooting Competitions

1100 West Kansas AvenueMcPhersonKS 67460, USA


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